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There are several main reasons, which could encourage you to order software created in accordance to your needs:

1) You wish to fulfill a task, which requires special software, which is not available in the shops or is very rare. A typical example – print out of an information on company’s forms with simultaneous entry into the database.

2) Heaps of functions in bulky packages made by super giants of software development industry disturb you. A typical example: take the application for creation and management of databases from a popular office package and try to apply any of its ample opportunities except the creation and filling of a database, for example, updating of a database from a file or other information sources. Most likely you will simply get confused in the program.

3) You simply want to automate some labour-consuming process, but do not know how you can make it. A typical example of the situation: during typesetting of the documents you use patterns or already existing documents, but it is necessary to bring in typical changes in many places. It slows down work, and there are often errors in suffixes and terminations in it after such hand-operated processing of the document. This process can be automated, what help to avoid errors and speed up the typesetting. It is necessary to order development of the application, which can create the necessary documents in co-operation with the text editor without making errors. All you should do in this application - to click mouse several times - and document is ready.

4) You would like your application to be unique and representative (if the screen is visible to others): flash with company’s symbols, emblems etc.

5) You have your own requirements and/or ideas, which you would like to fulfill.

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